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New project to combat loneliness

1 October 2019
A Sanctuary Retirement Living staff member with a dog as part of animal therapySanctuary Retirement Living tackle loneliness with projects including animal therapy

A new campaign aimed at combating loneliness has been launched at Sanctuary Retirement Living services around the country to mark Silver Sunday (6 October).

Staff and residents are using the organisation’s Your Home Your Life initiative to celebrate the annual event, which honours the value of the older community.

The Your Home Your Life campaign is aimed at recognising that everyone is different, and is designed to make sure residents are supported to lead healthy lifestyles in the way they choose.

Latest stats from Age UK reported that 1.9 million older people often feel ignored or invisible. Research indicates that loneliness can lead to depression, sleep problems, psychological stress and mental health problems. It has even been described as being as harmful to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Residents are setting out to prove that increasing connections can boost health, with initiatives taking place at different services including Lawley Bank Court (Telford), Jazz Court (Scarborough), Coopers Court (Bow, East London) and St Bart’s (Rye, East Sussex).

The projects cover a range of areas which promote both physical and mental wellbeing, such as arts and crafts, exercise, massage and animal therapy.

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