Wellbeing and inclusion

The wellbeing of our residents is really important to us. We have developed a new approach, called Your Home Your Life, which is designed to make sure residents are supported to lead healthy lifestyles in the way they choose.

This isn’t a one-off project – it’s a culture and way of doing things, that’s embedded into everything we do across Sanctuary Retirement Living.

The aim is to create an environment where residents can connect with others in ways that they’re comfortable with, through organised activities or developing friendships.

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We’ve created the role of Wellbeing and Inclusion Assistants in each of our services. Wellbeing and Inclusion Assistants listen to residents, encourage them to develop meaningful friendships and connect them to opportunities in their local communities.

We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to comfortably take part in society, both within their Retirement Living service and wider community. By promoting inclusion, we can reduce social isolation and loneliness. Social isolation refers to the absence of social contact, whilst loneliness is a person’s perception of the relationships they have. Staff identify residents who may be isolated or have additional support needs and find ways to improve their general wellbeing.

Here are some examples of how Your Home Your Life is working:

Activities during Covid-19

Our Wellbeing and Inclusion teams have worked hard to find new, safe ways to hold activities and events during Covid-19, in keeping with Government guidelines. Staff have created crafts, quizzes, puzzles and activity packs for residents to do in the comfort of their own apartments, and organised events in small, socially-distanced groups.

As well as dropping by for regular wellbeing checks, our teams visit residents’ apartments with trolleys containing snacks and essentials, to ensure they have everything they need and so that everyone gets to see a friendly face, even if they’re vulnerable or shielding.

Metal trolley filled with treats

The Befriending Programme

The Befriending Programme aims to connect residents from our retirement communities with Sanctuary employee volunteers, based on shared interests. The regular phone calls offer the chance to chat to someone and help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Beverley Tomkins, Retirement Living Housing Manager at Trellis House, said: “When you ask Roy how it is going with his befriender, a big smile lights up his face. This pairing has been great from the start.”

View our Befriending Programme video

Please Disturb

Nationally, Sanctuary Retirement Living introduced ‘Please Disturb’ signs to help residents let others know when  they’d like some company. We discovered that many residents would like to get to know their neighbours but are reluctant to “invade” other people’s privacy. The signs enable residents to let others know that they are welcome to knock on the door and say hello.

The signs are optional but have been distributed to all services so those who would like to participate can.

Sanctuary Retirement Living resident John McQuaide
Staff Tracey Potter and Liz Jones trying out the new Raizer Chairs

Lifting Chairs

We have introduced new state-of-the-art chairs to help people back to their feet following a fall.

A total of £50,000 has been invested in the lifting chairs through the Your Home Your Life initiative so that each of the 15 services that Sanctuary Retirement Living provides care has a Raizer Chair.

 The chairs are assembled around a person enabling them to be lifted from the floor with dignity and, crucially, without the need to call for an ambulance, which also reduces stress and anxiety. Because chairs can be operated by a single member of staff, they also free up time to focus on the delivery of care to other residents.

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